Confirmation: Organic Produce Packs Much More Nutrition, Less Pesticides

September 10, 2014

The unequivocal conclusion from an international team of nutrition and agriculture researchers is that organic produce packs much more antioxidant punch and contains much less pesticide residue than non-organic fruits and vegetables.


The findings, based on an analysis of 340 previous studies done throughout the world and in a variety of production seasons, were published by the British Journal of Nutrition. The exhaustive analysis was conducted in an effort to clear up divided scientific opinion.


The study included these findings:


• “statistically significant and meaningful differences” in composition between organic and non-organic crops and crop-based foods;

• a “substantially” higher concentration of plant-based antioxidants in organic produce, particularly fruit;

• an occurrence of pesticide residues four times higher in conventional crops, as well as higher concentration of the toxic metal cadmium.


To read the study in the British Journal of Nutrition, click here.

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