Is Pill-Popping a Cultural Obsession that Impedes True Healing?

August 27, 2014

We live in a pill-popping culture. In recognition, two doctors commented in a 2014 medical journal article that current over-usage tends “to distract us” from the real nature of disease and healing.


The article authors, Drew Leder, M.D., Ph.D., of Loyola University (Baltimore) and Mitchell Krucoff, M.D., of Duke University, put pills into perspective: while many pills have “great therapeutic potential,” the “exaggerated cultural fantasy” with them leads to many adverse effects and misunderstandings of the function of pills, which is “to assist bodily processes.” 


Pills are models of miniaturized technical devices “capable of downloading into the body healing chemicals. As such, they seem to promise a disburdening solution to many of life’s ills,” they wrote. However, we need “to learn how to better choose and use them wisely,” they added, and begin regarding pills as a gift, with “appropriate gratitude and discernment,” so that “we may ingest fewer pills, but with greater efficacy.”


Read the article "Take Your Pill" here. 

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