Think Twice Before Consuming Zero-Calorie Artificial Sweeteners

October 15, 2014

Israeli researchers have conducted a series of experiments that show zero-calorie artificial sweeteners commonly used throughout the world are not as benign as they are widely believed to be.


The experiments, reported in a 2014 article in the scientific journal Natureindicate that popular sugar substitutes called non-nutritive sweeteners or non-caloric artificial sweeteners – bearing familiar names like saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame – may actually promote obesity-associated metabolic changes and increase blood sugar levels.


The Israeli researchers experimented with both laboratory mice and humans. They found that the artificial sweeteners “drive the development of glucose (blood sugar) intolerance” by harming beneficial intestinal bacteria critical for health and proper gut function. The changes to the microbial population in the gut, they said, are associated with susceptibility to metabolic abnormalities and intestinal dysfunction, “thereby calling for a reassessment of massive” artificial sweetener usage. 


Read the 2014 Nature journal article here.

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