Popular Supplement May Defuse World’s Leading Cause of Death – Arterial Disease

October 29, 2014

Arterial disease is the leading cause of death in the world, stoking heart attacks and stroke. Now, researchers in China believe they have discovered a hitherto unknown action of a popular nutritional supplement that can potentially put a major dent in cardiovascular disease.


The supplement is CoQ10, something I have been recommending to my patients for more than thirty years.


The new discovery relates to the action of certain “micro RNAs,” fascinating molecules involved in the regulation of gene expression and metabolism. In this case, the Chinese researchers found that supplemental CoQ10 “profoundly” and “significantly” improved the actions of micro RNAs that take part in cholesterol efflux, that is, the ability of HDL to remove oxidized cholesterol from arterial walls. The findings show that CoQ10 promotes removal and represents a promising new avenue for atherosclerosis prevention and treatment.


For more detail on the study, click here.


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