Eat Strawberries! New Study Reveals Super Antioxidant Content

April 24, 2014

Strawberries pack a high concentration of vitamin C and anthocyanins, compounds with potent antioxidant properties. A new study from Italy provides a good glimpse at how potent they are. In the study, a daily serving of strawberries over a one-month period significantly lowered signs of damage in the body to lipids, proteins, and DNA from oxidative (free radical) stress.


Specifically, as a result of daily strawberry consumption, the researchers documented reductions in common chemical markers of oxidative damage associated with arterial plaque and diabetes, as well as cancer, asthma, and lung-scarring disorders. They also found a substantial increase of vitamin C in the blood, a decrease of activated platelets, and a solid reduction of triglycerides, all welcome results.


This study was conducted with healthy volunteers, leading the researchers to conclude that strawberries should also be put to the test on a population with higher cardiovascular disease risk.   


Access the strawberry study here.

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